US President Donald Trump has called on Apple to help decipher the iPhone that fired the iPhone. Attacks in Florida in early December.

In a message posted on Twitter, Trump said: "We have been helping Apple so far in trading and many other issues and they They still refuse to help decrypt the iPhone used by killers, drug dealers and other criminals. But join in and help our great country now! Make America Great Again. "

A message was sent to Apple after Apple refused to assist the FBI in decrypting the criminals. Apple said it had previously provided all the information it had stored (including iCloud backup) to the FBI. Earlier this month, the FBI asked for help in obtaining criminal information. However, law enforcement officials are unhappy with the information iCloud receives and want Apple to provide a way to Criminate the iPhone, which would not have been possible without backdoor access to iOS software.

Following the request, Apple released another statement and provided further details about the data it provided and cited Again, "There is no backdoor created just for good people."

Tensions between Apple and the current US government are similar to what happened in 2016. Apple was then ordered to decrypt the iPhone, which was owned by a criminal in San Bernardino. Apple denied the order, saying that compromising the security system was unreasonable May create a new weakness and danger. In the end, Apple, the government winner, could find another way to access the criminals' iPhones, which it could Alternatively for stress now too.