The Jordan coach said that they were coming to compete with Cambodia this time to get three points in the qualifying round. The AFC Asian Cup does not care about past history.

However, Cambodia does not seem to be forgotten as they lost to Asian giants 7-0. In the first leg. In fact, Jordan is really strong in their own home by winning the strongest teams such as Georgia, Hong Kong, but playing outside. The land does not seem to work well.

In 2017, the 5 games of Jordan on the sidelines are yet to know the winning word, regardless of which team they play. Having lost to Iraq 1-0 with Hong Kong 0-0, Vietnam draw 0-0 with Uzbekistan 0-0 and draws 3-3 with Afghanistan. But in the win, Georgia win 1-0, win Hong Kong 4-0, win 7-0 to win Afghanistan 4-1.

The statistics are somewhat certain that Prak Sovannara's only wish seems to have a lot of chances, Also created a factor in Cambodia's comparative advantage over Jordan. Therefore, there is only hope for fans to attend to encourage more Cambodians in a key match Here's an unforgettable story: Leadership of the teams above is not under Jamal Abu-Abed. . This coach is a new teacher and the match against Cambodia is his first match. Jamal, before joining the team, has changed so many players in the team, especially the strikers, All seven Cambodian players are listed in the second competition.