After the Supreme Court announced the verdict to dissolve the National Rescue Party officials and banning party leaders saved 118 men from politics for 5 years, on the night of Nov. 16, 2017, the Justice Ministry spokesman Kim Peace, told the media Fresh News to continue managing and leading political parties to court Dorcas final dissolution of an offense.

Responding party dissolution cases of true conversion is the spokesman for the Ministry of Justice so that the management and leadership of political parties was announced definitive dissolution of an offense and shall be punishable with imprisonment from 1 month to 1 year to inform the Supreme Court's ruling, which has already contacted the National Party dissolved as a Judgment Blessed final decision so powerful of the verdict was implemented immediately so that the party can not take any action only after the dissolution of the Supreme Court's final decision. '

The mention Kim's such a peaceful place after seeing the statement of the National Rescue Party, was released after the Supreme Court announced the dissolution already claimed CNRP firmly committed to maintain and protect the structure of its political leaders, such as a permanent Board Committee Committee Disciplinary Committee Structural operations and sub-national levels, with Kem Sokha, president political party and continue the mission with unwavering.

Kim Sopheaktra claimed that the ongoing political activities and activities of the political party, which was declared completely dissolved by the court, were criminal provisions of Article 42 of the Law on Political Parties, which resulted in a fine ranging from 10 million riels to 20 million riels and imprisonment from one month to one year.

Please note that on the evening of November 16, 2017, in Supreme Court hearing, Supreme Court Chief Dith Muthy, pronouncing the verdict to dissolve the National Salvation Party and the 118 party leaders of the National Salvation Party, five years from the political standpoint.