Phnom Penh: A man returned from drinking alcohol drunk his wife and rushed to hit his wife with his left hand, his wife took scissors Two sued for injuring two husbands and causing serious injuries when sent to the hospital died causing shock at time 12 and 30 minutes past midnight into the second day November home rental universe northern neighborhood of Por Sen Chey district.

The body of the victim, named Sun Sok Hay, 30, a male, works in electricity, plays electric water, and drives motorbikes in the village. In Kompong Som, the male perpetrator, Sok Sokunthea, called the 42-year-old female mummy and fries to live in the village. Traing District, Takeo Province.

According to the wife, the perpetrator said he had a husband with four children but divorced more than 10 years Came and got acquainted with her husband after about 10 years, had three more children, but now his son's husband 4 They have rented a house apart from him, living with her husband only And only three children, a 10-year-old boy and a three-year-old boy.

The source admitted that before the incident, he was selling meat in front of the rented house, then found a husband from the rapper. In drunken state and came drinking in front of the rented house with two friends, then their neighbors came to believe Lost goods often cost a total of 70,000 Riels when her husband heard of being believed Up to 70,000 Riels also insulted him, saying that he was so popular that he did not have enough money. Already purchased, her husband got into a break and threatened her daughter to beat each other. Then, he was pulling the scissors off the popcorn while the husband rushed to beat him with one hand. His head hurts and starts to attack again, he has to take a scissors holding his arm to protect himself, without knowing that he needs two husbands. No, it is on the breast and under breast. At the time of the incident, the neighbors came to help, assuming that the husband beat his wife, when he saw a man with a bleeding husband, his daughter, and a resident. The victim was driven by motorbike to the Pochentong Referral Hospital, but the husband was bleeding too much. Sew the wound and send it to the hospital for emergency services BY bit her husband had died.
According to the person near the couple, the family always argued often. Never heavy-duty, just a fight for a moment.

The source added that when he learned that his husband had died, he was riding a motorbike to confess to the police station. Police arrested and handcuffed the case to the court. The corpses were taken to Pochentong Pagoda by their families and neighbors, so that they could perform their duties to celebrate the funeral. Tradition