Tesla released a semi-electric truck semis a few weeks ago, while the US company is also shocked by the release of the Tesla Roadster The new one is worthless and strong.

An overseas website compares a $ 200,000 car with a Bugatti Chiron, a luxury car priced at about $ 3 million. </s>

The prices vary by about 15, but everyone is surprised. The maximum speed of Chiron can reach 420 km / h, while Roadster runs at a peak of just over 405 km / h. But the 0-60km / 0w trucker did better in 1.9 seconds, while Chiron ran for 2.4 seconds.

Especially in terms of pure electricity use, Tesla has done a good job in a full charge of 997 kilometers. The Bugatti Bugatti is 460 km.

In total, you can evaluate between Tesla and Bugatti
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