Chea Bun Rith, spokesman for the National Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, said: The Ministry has set December 31, 2017 for all companies and companies in Cambodia to register for their employees. Get the brochure Benefits from the government.

National Social Security Fund spokeswoman stated the benefits that employees, both informal and in-system, as well as civil servants receive Government benefits include:

Occupational accidents are those accidents that affect activity. These include:

    The first is the hazard where the worker works for the employer in the enterprise, establishment, or company.

    Second, it is dangerous for workers to travel from work to home or from home to work, traffic accidents, etc. Also considered as a job accident.

    Third, when a worker is born of a disease called occupational disease caused by a work-related illness.

In particular, for health care, Mr. Chea Bunrith said that 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day. To date, more than 1,289 public and private hospitals have been contracted to provide health care to staff. Workers at both sub-national and national level.

For sub-national hospitals include health centers, health centers, referral hospitals, district hospitals, etc. The national hospitals include hospitals, maternity hospitals, monks, medical doctors, hospitals, Russian hospitals and other hospitals.

The civil servants also received this regime from (bS) in addition to the pension system. Chea Bunrith said that the government is doing a balance between the private sector and the public sector, and the private sector has now been rampant. Occupational accidents and healthcare. Government officials will receive the regime in 2018. So that means both the state and the private government benefit equally.

More specifically, the government has also recently assigned offshoot workers with inconsistent work, occasional work, or doing Less than eight hours a week get the same benefit. Outsourced workers include taxi drivers, taxi drivers, tuk-tuk drivers, truck drivers, drivers, passengers and some business owners. The other uses irregular workers, etc.

In order for the Cambodian employees to benefit from this, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has appealed to enterprise establishments, despite employing workers. Unofficially, in the system and the people running motodup, three tuk-tuk drivers must register at the National Bank Building Social Security, located in the head office of the Ministry of Labor and Invalids (MPC), Khans and Provinces.

Documents are required to have a Cambodian ID and, if lost, to a job because of the cooperation with the Department of Identity Of the Ministry of Interior. This registration does not require payment.