Antonio Villas Boas, an employee of the Business Insider and owner of iPhnoe 6s Plus for two years, cited one reason. The amount he does not switch to using the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X is high.

1. The iPhone 6s still looks like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Cool, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 look different, but on the antenna cables that have been switched on Upper and lower jaws. The antenna cable may have some iPhone 6s users who do not like it but use a protective shell to block the cable .

And the iPhone 6s and iPhone 8 do not look very different, just the iPhone 8 has a rear glass mirror Go a bit charming. But this one can not push Antonio to switch to the iPhone 8.

2. New colors on the beautiful iPhone 7 / iPhone 8, but Antonio enjoys more silver color

Black on black and black is a good choice, but it does not bother Antonio to buy an iPhone 7 because If he buys, he also wants silver or white. Although the gold of the iPhone 8 looks very similar to the Rose Gold, it's chic, but Antonio still loves silver.

3. The iPhone X attracts the most, but is price-charged

The iPhone X is a great smartphone that you can decide to buy now because the screen is almost flat and has a special look. Many more. Antonio confessed that the iPhone X style attracted his mind to stay away from the iPhone 6s Plus. However, he decided not to discard the iPhone 6s Plus for the $ 1,000 iPhone X.

4. The iPhone 6s Plus is still fast

Even though the old chipset, but the A9 chip on the iPhone 6s Plus can run very fast Not to be annoyed, though, for a long time.

5. The iPhone 6s Plus is still good

What iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are more than the iPhone 6s Plus, which is a twin camera that can zoom in while recording without losing quality and Produce ultra-slim profile. But, if you want to zoom in and zoom out, Antonio will spend $ 800 Up.

6. The screen is not very different

For Apple says that the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 has a better screen than the iPhone 6s, but look at the seemingly unrealistic reality. Different, and all three models have the same 3D Touch function.

7. Face ID does not have Antonio

Face ID looks modern and chic because it's a method that can be used to unlock a phone, but the Touch ID is not out of date. Also.

8. The iPhone 6s Plus has a headphone jack

iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X do not have a hearing card, so you can not hear the song and charge it at the same time unless Use the cable or spend extra money to buy a wireless headset.

Above is the reason alone, but it seems reasonable. The description is not intended to suggest that you should switch to a high-end iPhone but want to consider Give it a few minutes before spending hundreds of dollars on it.