For the year 2018, the five Kantha Bopha Children's hospitals have helped diagnose and treat more than one million Cambodian children, including women There are more than 150,000 pregnant women.

In its annual report published yesterday, the hospital treated 961 256 children. Cases for outpatient counseling. In addition, 161,424 children with severe illness were hospitalized. The same source.

More than 14,615 serious dengue cases were reported for treatment, according to the report. In the same hospital. According to the hospital, the childhood hospitalization rate decreased from 0.25 percent in 2017 to 0.23 percent In 2018.

Apart from examining and treating children, Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital in Siem Reap also received 154,816 pregnant and breastfeeding cases and There are 27,309 deliveries.

The hospital has 2,500 Khmer personnel. Funding comes from people mainly in Cambodia and Switzerland. The Cambodian government, the Red Cross of Cambodia and the Swiss Government are also important sources of funding for the hospital.