More than 30 employees from SCG, Asean's leading construction company, have been traveling around Cambodia to meet more than 500 students and share the 6th edition of the “Dream Share Scholarship” program.

“CSG has always believed that education is the key to success,” said Moupura, a senior official of SCG. Fundamental to sustainable national development. Not only the company, but the SCG staff all share the same vision. It encourages all of us to volunteer as a team to visit more than 500 homes Every year. ”

“We have been traveling around Cambodia to find students who are struggling and need the most scholarships to continue Better education means more opportunities for them to serve the nation. ”

Leakena is an employee of SCG who has been involved with the volunteer for more than 5 years. “At SCG we have different ways of recruiting students. We focus not only on well-educated students, but on their good behavior and willingness to help. To the society as well. "

"Passion for Better is the SCG's path not only to work, but also to our commitment. For the society and the communities in which we run production. It is an honor to see SCG students enjoy a better life as they enjoy their opportunities Better learning opportunities. ”

2019 This is the sixth year for the SPSG program, a dream shared by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will continue to deliver 250 scholarships for high school students and 20 higher education scholarships for SCG alumni sharing the dream And continuing education at University.