If everything goes smoothly as planned, then we will be able to get the vaccine approved for protection against the coronavirus (COVID-19) in less than 18 months. According to Bill Gates, anticipate a recent episode of the Reddit hypnosis questionnaire. He also said that once the vaccine is made, it will be given to healthcare professionals and key staff at hospitals until it is made available to the general public.

The reason Bill Gates came up with this is because he has heard that many scientists and organizations around the world are doing their best to research the coronavirus vaccine. The calculator may be successful in less than 18 months. In addition, his foundation and his wife, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, play an important role in supporting and assisting scientists studying the virus vaccine. . While providing the answer, he also stated that keeping indoors and not outdoors to prevent the spread could take around six to 10 weeks to be able to walk in public if a country. That's right.

However, this is just what Bill Gates had foreseen, given that the vaccine could be obtained before or after the next 18 months, depending on the situation. To date, the number of coronavirus infections has risen to 218,738, including a total of 85,664 cases and 8,948 deaths worldwide.