Many weight loss people choose to fast at night to lose weight, however with these methods you can still Eat normally and lose weight. Anyone who has ever lost weight or wants to lose weight will have heard of the method of fasting dinner to get in shape. That aspires. However, this is not a safe way, as it greatly affects health. At this time, you can enjoy a normal dinner, but follow the techniques below to get the desired shape.

1. Know the number of calories you should eat

Normally an adult should consume 2,000 calories a day to maintain a constant weight. For the night, the calories you can get the highest should not exceed 550 if you want to lose weight. For this amount, you can eat a plate of rice, a chopstick, a few vegetables and an egg.

2. Eat more protein at night

Protein plays an important role in human life. At night, eat something light and eat lots of fruit. In fruits and vegetables are full of protein, it not only helps you not to get fat, it also keeps the skin Brightly lit. In addition to the protein in vegetables, you can absorb this nutrient from eggs, meat and fish, but remember not to eat too much. .

3. Should have dinner at 7:30

Due to the evolution of society, the bedtime of many people has changed as well. The average current bedtime is 11 p.m. Thus, if you eat dinner too fast, you may be hungry late at night, which will make you look for extra food. The main cause of weight gain. To avoid this, you should have dinner at 7:30 to maintain the best balance.

4. Stand 30 minutes after eating

One of the most difficult habits to change is after eating, many people are lazy, which makes them walk to sit or sleep. However, this will slow down the digestion of food. Thus, after dinner, you should stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour to run out of food to find a place. Sit or sleep.