Cambodia and Singapore yesterday inaugurated the Phnom Penh Logistics Complex project (PPLC), which aims to support the infrastructure, evidence and chain of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The project is part of the ASEAN Advisory Council's Smart Growth Initiative to support growth in the logistics industry and provide state-of-the-art solutions across member countries.

It was set up during a video conference between the Singaporean Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and the Indonesian Minister of Finance and National Development, Raga, and the Senior Minister, Minister of Public Works and Transport, who chairs the National Logistics Committee.

Participants in the meeting included Robert Yap, CEO of HSH Herut, Asia Infrastructure CEO, Sar Thet, Representative of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Council for the Development of Cambodia, as well as the Ambassador of Singapore to Cambodia and Embassy officials. .

The meeting was held on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of Singapore-Cambodia diplomatic relations.

It demonstrates Singapore's commitment to providing comprehensive support from both the public and private sectors to Cambodia.

HS Group and Asia Infrastructure jointly aim to provide innovative solutions to support the PPLC initiative.

Mr. Tan thanked Mr. Raga and Mr. Chanthol for their official participation in the practical meeting, as well as YCH and Asia Infrastructure for participating as part of the project to support PPLC's efforts.

Founded in 1955, US Group specializes in the freight forwarding business. It has also expanded its operations to include supply chains and logistics services such as warehousing and inventory management.

Today, HS is considered to be the largest home delivery solution and supply chain company.

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