What skills take less than 5 minutes to learn that everyone should know how to do? Here are 7 skills that are easy to learn and everyone should know.

1).Meditation: It only takes 5–10 mins a day to improve your practice. Everyone should have more control over their thoughts and feelings.

2).Communication skills: It only takes talking to one new person a day to improve your social skills. It’s terrifying to start but worth it.

3).Cooking: It only takes watching one 10 min tutorial to cook something new. You should have more control over the food you eat.

4).Time management: Take 5 mins to plan your day and you saved yourself a ton of time. Who knew you had so much time?

5).Goal setting: Write down your goals. Get into the space of “how it would feel to achieve those goals”. It’s a magical feeling if you do it daily.

6).Reading books: Pick a book and read a little bit every day. You will learn something new and develop a healthy habit out of it.

7).Practicing gratitude: Writing down things you are grateful for. How many times do we overlook this? But we know it has the potential to make us feel so good.